1. An air of depreciation

    We all know whats happening with the  economy around the world so I’m not even going to bang on about it here. We have enough of that watching the news, reading the tabloids, hearing doom and gloom coming out of everyone’s mouth whilst walking down the street. Living it!greenwich-big-sky-and-river-thames19th-july-08

    Its all got me thinking, however, about how simple our lives used and how we chose to be exactly where we are now – debt and all (sorry, I did say I wasn’t going to bang on about that particular subject!). Then I got round to thinking about my childhood and how our young lives seemed so free and easy………living for the weekends when we could get up early, hurridly make a couple of egg and tomato sandwiches, grab a packet of Walkers Crisps (Salt & Vinegar for me) and a can of ‘pop’ from the corner shop,  then get on our bikes and be gone from morning until tea time. Cycling down the country lanes to the reservoir or down to the little river to make a tree swing with an old tyre. Or simply to lie on our backs on the roundabout up at the football field, look up at the sky and imagine what shapes the clouds made: faces, houses, whole towns, animals……..what would it be like to be up there, walking on the soft, white, bouncy clouds…….wherever our fancy took us. You could get completely lost up there in the simpleness of it all….where everything would be effortless, gentle and peaceful…..

    But, ofcourse we grow and our lives become more cluttered and so much more complicated it seems and we search for more

    We see more in situations that perhaps don’t warrant so much weight

    We pacify our hungar/lack of with material things

    We run around, always so busy.

    We don’t stand still long enough to see what it is we really need and realise the simplicity of what our lives can be again.

    Perhaps we need to value more of what we have within us/around us and appreciate it…..

    Be that spontaneous,  innocent child again, lie back and look up at the sky and see the real beauty and simplicity……….constantly moving and changing, from darkness to light again, at a pace that can’t be forced or altered but …………knowing that it will change

    SoHo, NYC, 2009 & Greenwich, London, 2008 (Image: Jones copyright 2009)